About - Crystal Triangle

One of its kinds of International Training Organization.

We at Crystal Triangle believe that God has made every human being unique and distinct, each having one power which nobody in the world have. 

The One and Only One Version of Self

We offer complete training programs to school and college students to understand their greatest potential and fulfill their personal and professional aspirations in life. In our programs we work towards inculcating the force in youth to become Champions and Leaders in their own chosen path. Our aim is to encourage students to make choices of their own and stand by them. Our programs are designed in such a way that helps the youth in discovering their hidden powers and utilizing them at the best and Lead a Successful Happy Life.

Our program offer training which will help your students in developing their leadership skills, motivational skills, decision making skills and time management skills. We also analyze that today’s youth is facing lots of stress related issues which results into lot of behavioral and psychological problems. There are unsaid pressures which are prevailing throughout the young generation. Their perceptive of life has changed drastically and it is the major concern for every parent and educational institute. Our programs focus on these issues and help our students in managing stress and over pressure. Our programs help in bridging the gap which is growing everyday between Parents, Youth and Institutions.

We believe it is our responsibility to create successful leaders who can evolve and adapt in dynamic environment with values, integrity and ethics. Our aim is to develop young minds so that our world has happier people. We wish to empower our young minds with the ability to decide, focus and achieve their desires. We wish to make students ready for corporate world globally with an edge that is contentment and satisfaction.

Our best wishes as you embark upon your Journey To Success, with Crystal Triangle!!


To position ourselves in the minds and hearts of every life as No.1 Training Organisation for Generating Excellence and Happier People.



Creating MAGIC


  • Synergizing Believe

    We believe everything is possible if you truly desire. Law of Attraction says that entire universe get along with you in persue of your dream.

  • Synergizing Passion and Focus 

    We believe that the most natural power each of us is born with is passion. We understand that passion and Focus are the most required attributes of CHAMPIONS.

  • Synergizing Strength 

    We believe that the Strength to stand by your decision lies within everyone the only thing is to search and believe it. 

  • Synergizing Learning 

    We believe our audience is young and dynamic and so our programs. We develop the environment of learning in sync with our youth’s requirements

  • Synergizing Wisdom

    We value the power of wisdom and promote every life to search this power within.

  • Synergizing Change

    Change is the only constant. We prepare people to prepare well in advance for various changes. We believe that every life should know that change is a Bliss.

Meet the Team 

Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta
Founder, CEO

Radhika Gupta, Founder & CEO, Crystal Triangle, with decade of experience, believes that anyone who dares to dream and believes in it, always achieve their dreams. She is an Alumni of XLRI, Jamshedpur and has an experience of working with Technology, Engineering & Construction Industry | Media & Advertisement Industry | Real Estate Industry | Educational & Training Industry. She has handled key leadership positions in domain of Business HR, International Marketing with India’s top companies like L&T, DDBMudra Group and ACE Group of Companies.

Radhika, Independent Leadership & Motivational Trainer, has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporates and educational Institutions. She is also a visiting faculty to several premier B-Schools and Engineering institutes in India. Her works have been recognized by Thapar University, Bennett university, North Cap University, SGT University, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, International Institute of Technology & Management, J.K Business School, G.L. Bajaj Group and many more.

She is a Believer of MAGIC & Wish to spread MAGIC all over with Love, Care and Warmth.

Paritosh Sharan

Paritosh Sharan

Training Consultant

Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, a motivational Speaker , Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Leadership Development, Life and Behavioural Skills.

He has over 22 Years of rich corporate experience in leading Organisations such as, Tata Steel, Satyam Computers, Oracle Corporation, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra etc. He developed his insights through working in various functions and domains, which traverse from Plant Operations and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Business Process Engineering, IT Strategy Consulting, CRM Consulting, Partner Alliances Management, Project Management etc. His associations in his entire career includes, but not limited to industry domains such as, Manufacturing, Communication, BFSI, Engineering and Construction, IT and ITES, Government and Education, Business Consulting, Media and Healthcare Sectors.

He has done more than 700 hrs of Coaching & Counselling for various individuals and executives at various levels.

Change, development and success come from within. He makes it easier for you to bring them out and make things happen. He will help you see how to do what you know is instinctively right – but maybe lack the confidence or ideas to attempt on your own. As a psychologically trained but very pragmatic coach, he enable a far greater understanding of who you are, what drives you and how your beliefs impact on your leadership behaviour. Then how to use this information to help you rise to the challenges you face and seize the opportunities that arise. For his clients this helps them get better results. He is an expert in the field understanding human behaviour and their potential to achieve greatness.

Paritosh believes in MAGIC with Non-Duality & ONENESS which reflects itself through an invisible binding force.

Anupama Gupta

Anupama Gupta

GM, Head Trainer
Anupama Gupta
Managing Director, Head Trainer

A Mater’s in Business Administration with overall 14 years of experience, as a Trainer with companies like HCL, Serco and ACE. She was also an Assistant professor with IP University, Anupama ensure the best quality Training delivered to students.

Mrs. Anupama has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporate and is a visiting faculty to a number of premier B schools and Engineering institutes in India. As an achiever in different capacities, Anupama holds strong relations with her superiors, peers as well as her subordinates. While managing her both personal and professional life she always helped her colleagues in working out their issues. While helping her colleagues she realized that at the end of the each problem the root cause of issue is either the decision taken is not by choice or not taken at the time when it should have been.

She is a Believer of MAGIC & Wish to spread MAGIC all over with Passion, Values and Ethics.

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Shubham Punj

Shubham Punj

Digital Marketer
Shubham Punj
Digital Marketer


A brand awareness enthusiast, Shubham builds the presence of Crystal Triangle and his own personal brand.

A third year Comp. Science B.Tech student of NCU, Gurugram he vlogs his journey of an Indian teen figuring his twenties out, creating content on Youtube, Instagram and other platforms.

Motivated from the fear of joining the typical placement-job life and being unhappy in his twenties, he believes in self-growth through constant learning, action taking and introspection. This January, he went for a 10 day silent meditation retreat to exercise his willpower.

Shubham is a Project leader at Enactus NCU, a non-profit organisation which creates entrepreneurial businesses for communities that need help. Their team got selected for Nationals this year for their Project Kumhaar, helping potters in New Delhi by introducing pottery as a subject in schools and selling kulhads (clay cups) to food chain companies such as Biryani Blues and Twenty Four Seven

Top 3 inspirations for self growth –

Gary Vaynerchuck (Business)

Owen Cook (Social Skills)

Sandeep Maheshwari

Short/Medium term Goals –

Develop Crystal Triangle

Acquire Digital Marketing skills within 2-3 years

Produce more content on Instagram

Long Term Goals –

Produce consistent content for 5 years documenting my journey to inspire people, give value and connect with people

Explore passions and try new things

Life Goal –

Find what he loves , make money from it through social media and crush it in life and with people

Shubham believes in MAGIC and power of every individual to decide and choose to become whatever they want to be!

To connect with Shubham you can send him a message on Instagram (@punjsahab) or go to his LinkedIn  profile linked above.

Suneel Keswani

Suneel Keswani

Suneel Keswani

A Master’s in commerce, a versatile Scholar and a Trainer, Mr. Suneel Keswani has hardcore corporate experience of 32 years in companies like CMC Ltd, Shriram pistons and Rings ltd, and The Times of India.

Mr. Keswani has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporate and is a visiting faculty to a number of premier B schools and Engineering institutes in India. He works have been awarded and has been recognized by GMCS, ICAI, MSOP and ICSI. His clientele includes companies like HONDA, ICAI, INOX Group, NTPC, DLF Club, National Institute of Financial management etc. Mr. Keswani not only bring his vast experience to train people of different levels he also helps in identifying new ways to inspire people to achieve the desired goals and Happiness. He as a mentor and Training consultant offers a great support in achieving our goal of developing happier successful professional. With his inputs our trainings have been defined as per the current requirement of the corporates and students.

He is a believer of MAGIC and wish to spread the same by determination, enthusiasm and fun.

The difference between a champ and a champu is 'u' !

Mr. Champ

Dr. I.S.F. Irudayaraj

Dr. I.S.F. Irudayaraj

Chief Advisor
Dr. I.S.F. Irudayaraj
Chief Advisor
XLRI, I.I.M Ranchi, I.I.M Kozicode

• M.Phil, Madras University.

• Indian Society for Training and Development (I.S.T.D) New Delhi.

• M.S.W Madras School of Social Work, Madras University. Specialization – “PM & IR, & Labour Welfare”.

• Trained by the British Psychological Society on Assessment: Occupational and Personality Dubai, completed Level – A.

Professional Experience
• Professor (OB – Area) – XLRI since March 1998. Besides, looked after the Admissions as Admissions Coordinator for two years since 1998 & in 2002 – 2003.

• Director Corporate Learning Centre and Fellow Program Coordinator- Academy of Human Resources Development, Hyderabad (1996 – 1998). Major activities managing the Fellow Program that was offered in collaboration with XLRI, Jamshedpur, and designing, organizing, facilitating training programs for client organizations, rendering consultancy services.

• Practiced Consultancy independently under the banner “Loyola Consultants” – Consultant and Trainer (1994 – 1996) – Designing, organizing, facilitating training programmes for client organizations, undertaking consultancy studies & services.

• Assistant Professor and Research Fellow – Centre for Organization Development, Hyderabad (87 – 94). Designing, organizing, facilitating training Progs. for client organizations, undertaking consultancy services. Besides, as Research Fellow, pursued Ph.D in Osmania University.

• Asst. Professor, Social Work, Loyola College, Madras 1980 to 1987. Teaching PG students- OB, Group Dynamics, Social Action, Labour Welfare and guiding in research & field works.

Visiting Faculty
• Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), Chennai

• Goa Institute of Management, Goa.

• I.I.M. Ranchi

• Xavier Institute of Management, Mumbai

• Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.

• I.I.M. – Kozhicode

• Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA)

• National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, (NIAM), Jaipur

Area of Expertise
• Mentoring, Coaching

• Counselling

• Organization culture

• Group Dynamics & Team Building

• Personality Development through T.A.,

• Leadership,

• Communication, Counseling,

• Organization Behaviour

• Organization Change and Development

Membership & Administrative Positions held in XLRI
• Member of the Board of Governors, XLRI between August 2006 and September 2010.

• Life Member, National HRD Network (NHRD Network), Hyderabad

• Member in ICFAI University Jharkhand Research Advisory Committee for Ph. D in Management Programme, since 11 July, 2011.

• Member of the Advisory Body on Matters of Academic Relevance, DRIEMS Business School

• Asia Pacific Business Review (ABR) Referee. Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi—110025.

• Member of the Editorial Board of HR Journal “OPUS:Organization People and Us”, Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) a constituent of Symbiosis international Deemed University.

• Member Academic Advisory Board of Jyotirmoy School of Business, Kolkatta. 18 November 2010.

• Had been Member Academic Committee, Great Lakes Institute (GLIM), Chennai.

• Organization Change and Development

Designed and Facilitated Management Development programmes for the following companies.
IFFCO, Dubai – Masreq Bank, Dubai – Bank Muscat, Muscat – TATA Steel – Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Govt. of India, Mussoori – Emirates, Dubai – Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Limited, Ahmedabad – CAPGEMINI – CTS – Coca Cola India – IPCL – ITC Ltd. – Crompton Greaves – TATA TIMKIN – Tata Cummins – Bharat Electronic Limited – Mahindra & Mahindra – NTPC – HCL-HP – HAL – Vardhaman Group – SAIL – Hindalco Industries – Atul Group of Companies – International Development Research Center, New Delhi – World Vision – Yesteryears Global Trust Bank – Punjab National Housing Bank Ltd., New Delhi – Shriram Piston, New Delhi – TATA Steel

Few of the consultancy services that were rendered over the years
• Principal Consultant for facilitating a workshop on “Developing Vision, Mission and Values in CENDRET, XIM-B, Bhubaneswar. This exercise was preceded by two workshops on “Team Building and Conflict Management”.

• Principal Consultant for the project on ” Employee Satisfaction Survey” Gati Corporation, Hyderabad.

• Principal Consultant for an ODA (Overseas Development Authority) Andhra Pradesh School Health Project: “An HRD Assignment on Job Description, Job Specification, Skill Audit and Framework Criteria for Selection” Hyderabad. The project involved evaluation of Primary Health Care Projects and redefining roles and responsibilities of the top management in the reorganized set up.

• Project leader for the project on Building Competence for Role Performance: A Study on the Training Needs of IPS officers. This project was sponsored by the Ministry of Home Affairs and was jointly undertaken with SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

• Carried out a consultancy study on Dalmia (Bharat) Cement Ltd.. Based on the findings a case-let was prepared to facilitate the top management workshop.

• Carried out a survey on “Shared Values of the Top Management of BEL”. Subsequently , together with Dr. B.L. Maheshwari, Director of C.O.D, facilitated a three-day Workshop organized for the top executives of BEL at Hyderabad .

Founder & CEO’s Message


My Dearest Friends,

India and the world need global citizens with very different ideas, strong values, great beliefs, proactive decision making with passionate energy. World is looking for those people who can imagine transforming the future in most constructive manner. Crystal Triangle has taken birth to create those leaders who can develop that magical world of strong integrity and smiling faces. At Crystal triangle, we believe that world belongs to youth, youth who can foresee future and aim accordingly with strong will. Youth who can achieve the highest heights in most advantageous direction as per their passion and desires. Our team is determined to brace our youth to shape their future to ensure a better tomorrow for the earth’s seven billion people.

We empower our youth with imagination, inspiration, extreme passion, determination and consistency which in turn make them champions, leaders and happier successful beings.

“Just dare to believe in Miracles and see the MAGIC”


Note For Parents

Dear Parents

Our children are extensions of our personalities. Thus in order to make our personalities more impressive and powerful we want to shape our children in a manner which we think is best. As a parent we have always taken pride in presenting our kids in our social strata since they were infants. However in that process we forget that our children apart from being our extensions have their own individual personalities and lives as a parent now we have to realize that they have now walked out of our comfortable laps and are ready to take up new challenges of the world. As when your child was learning to walk on his/her own and you stood away to let him/her walk on his/her own and encouraged him/her to stand again on his/her each fall similarly, it’s time to stand away and encourage them with your undying support and appreciation.

Let your eaglets, model you as their role models and strengthen their wings to soar highest in the sky.

(An Eagle waiting to see my eaglet touching sky)

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