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    Trust the MAGIC

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    Our Crystal Triangle World

    We are creators of strength and power that transform the ordinary
    into the Most Powerful CHAMPIONS!!!!

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    Our Crystal Triangle Experience

    We are trainers to facilitate youth to meet their best selves.

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    Our Crystal Triangle World

    We are transformers who synergize the potential of your students
    to become happy and successful leaders.

Eaglet Fledging

(Programme for class 9 & class 10)

Extensive program for early teenagers to empower them with creative mindset and help them realize their full potential and craft their way to unknown future.


Eaglet Strengthening

(Programme for class 11 & class 12)

Extensive program for youth to stand by their decisions, believe in what they chose and craft their way to be champions of success in the most beautiful way.


Eaglet Flying

(Programme for Graduation & PG)

Extensive program for our new grown-ups who are taking the world with its horns and are ready to fight all the odds and be a successful leader in dynamic world.




1. Successful completion of Program Session - EAGLET FLEDGING at New Oxford Public Secondary School, New Delhi on 25th May 2017

2. Successful completion of Program Session - EAGLET STRENGTHENING at St. Xavier's School, Civil Lines, New Delhi on 9th May 2017


1. Heartiest welcome to Dr. I S F Irudayaraj as Chief Advisor, Crystal Triangle

2. Heartiest welcome to Mr. Suneel Keswani as Mentor & Training Consultant, Crystal Triangle

3. Heartiest welcome to Mr. Paritosh Sharan as Training Consultant, Crystal Triangle

Personal Mentoring and Consulting

Let us help you to achieve more